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::  Bachelor of Arts in Photography  ::

::  Photographing Weddings Professionally Since 2006  ::

Grayscale = a photographic term for the range of

grays starting with white and ending at black.

I’m a bit of a minimalist and love clean lines and simplicity. That’s where my “simply beautiful photography” tagline comes from. I really want my brand to exude minimalism, modern design, and simplicity. I try my best to keep things crisp, uncluttered and beautiful from the album design to the photographs themselves.

I chose the name Grayscale Imagery because I made my start in black & white photography and continued to work in film (developing my own film and prints) long after digital technology had taken over. While I work extensively in digital color now, my deepest love will always be for black & white imagery. The timelessness, the beauty, the simplicity. It invites you to experience beauty, light and emotion without the distractions of color for one simple moment. Our eyes cannot achieve this feat and we must rely on this classic form of photography to do it. Creating wonderful moments as only the camera can see.

After working in and out of darkrooms privately and for historical entities through 2013, I still love a beautiful black & white print, whether its done digitally or by hand. I incorporate black and white into every shoot I do, usually featured in some of my favorite images.

bouquet - lime orchid, white rose, lime hydrangea

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